Von primärer Bedeutung eines jeden Unternehmens ist, sich dessen Zukunft zu sichern, worauf viele Interessengruppen und Einflussfaktoren einwirken. Die zentrale Rolle spielen dabei intern die finanzielle Stabilität des Unternehmens selbst sowie zuverlässige Mitarbeiter und Lieferanten – und extern die Marktnachfrage der angebotenen Güter oder Dienstleistungen.



«My English is not on that level that I want it to be, but I work on it every day. So I am sure to improve my language skills until 2015. And I'm confident of correcting all the mistakes in that year.» S.L.

Properties of a consultant today

The following points are important as a consultant in 21th century.

Lead structured meetings and discuss the points on prepared list, no simple talkings.
Sum up important points and decisions of a Meeting on only one page. You have to write it down because a week later everyone has forgotten what was told about and decided in the meeting before. One page is perfect and you have an overview, but you have to avoid reports resulting in 20 or more pages because nobody will ever have time to read such a «book». Time is money.
Contact and invite all relevant people to meetings to reach an acceptance of the project and get more inputs.
Talk about mistakes to correct them.
Do not solve problems, solve the causes and reasons of them.
Operate fair and between people, set positions in the background.

Requirements for principals

- Be open for new solutions
- Ready to break the lines and «go on»
- Confidence and trust in both ways
- Agreement with the management to have the same goals
- Respect each other

If something in this list is not true at the moment, we can clarify this in the beginning and so create a base for a good and successful teamwork.