Von primärer Bedeutung eines jeden Unternehmens ist, sich dessen Zukunft zu sichern, worauf viele Interessengruppen und Einflussfaktoren einwirken. Die zentrale Rolle spielen dabei intern die finanzielle Stabilität des Unternehmens selbst sowie zuverlässige Mitarbeiter und Lieferanten – und extern die Marktnachfrage der angebotenen Güter oder Dienstleistungen.



«My English is not on that level that I want it to be, but I work on it every day. So I am sure to improve my language skills until 2015. And I'm confident of correcting all the mistakes in that year.» S.L.


The world has changed. Today the internet is the first way for information and communication. We live in a digital world, a world full of media, that became standard – and essential.

What we do

Lüscher Media creates websites for companies, associations and private people. Especially we take a look at a modern design and a fully functioning website. We respect you as our client and your wishes as our aim to achieve. We code in script languages PHP, HTML, JS, CSS und SQL. We offer webdesign, programming, visitor counter, contact form, picture gallery, secured administration areas. We don't do online shops, guest books, communities or logins for more than ten users.

End in 2011

After my graduation (B.Sc. in 2011) I decided to cancel my web business and work as a management consultant. I only do selected web projects, please request by email.

Steven Lüscher,