Von primärer Bedeutung eines jeden Unternehmens ist, sich dessen Zukunft zu sichern, worauf viele Interessengruppen und Einflussfaktoren einwirken. Die zentrale Rolle spielen dabei intern die finanzielle Stabilität des Unternehmens selbst sowie zuverlässige Mitarbeiter und Lieferanten – und extern die Marktnachfrage der angebotenen Güter oder Dienstleistungen.



«My English is not on that level that I want it to be, but I work on it every day. So I am sure to improve my language skills until 2015. And I'm confident of correcting all the mistakes in that year.» S.L.

Fascinated since youth...

In 2001, aged 13, I participated in a project week named «Wewewepunkt» (this is the Swiss German pronunciation of the chars «www.»), organized by Bezirksschule Entfelden (I think this is similar to a Junior High School or the education between Primary School and High School). In this week I learnt how to create a simple own website, it was also my first detailed touch with the internet. I was fascinated by creating something you can get all over the world in just a few seconds – although in this time you needed a few more seconds for the same content as today. After this week I started redesigning and improving my website in my leisure, full of enthusiasm and ambition. I recognized the enormous potential of that «inernational network».

...then founded «Lüscher Media».

Later in 2005, aged 17 now, I decided to take my first official order as company «Lüscher Media». In the following years, I acquired further clients and worked on further projects. It was a big challenge, in self study I learnt new programming and script languages, I recognized new opportunities.

In 2009, the H2G Internetagentur in Aarau (this is a professional web developing company in Switzerland) asked me to work with them on one of their projects. I agreed and could improve my know-how that I had through Learning-by-doing, I got in touch with the professional web business.

Since I started web developing, I worked independend as a freelancer and part-time – but with the greatest motivation.