Von primärer Bedeutung eines jeden Unternehmens ist, sich dessen Zukunft zu sichern, worauf viele Interessengruppen und Einflussfaktoren einwirken. Die zentrale Rolle spielen dabei intern die finanzielle Stabilität des Unternehmens selbst sowie zuverlässige Mitarbeiter und Lieferanten – und extern die Marktnachfrage der angebotenen Güter oder Dienstleistungen.



«My English is not on that level that I want it to be, but I work on it every day. So I am sure to improve my language skills until 2015. And I'm confident of correcting all the mistakes in that year.» S.L.

Increasing demand on the market

In the next decades, the companies' need of consulting will increase. Today, a company has a dynamical environment, in that it had to fit to be successful, to survive on market. Further reasons for that raising demand are more people living on planet, stronger regulations by law, people's need of prosperity and wealth resulting in a greater amount of conflict, shorter lifetime of products, higher competition caused by innovation and cost efficiency, progress in (information) technology and development. In any case, productivity and efficiency have to be increased. For all that, companies make use of external know-how and additional consuling capacity.

A company's situation

The most important point of a company's act is to secure its future. There is a bigger challenge now than in the past, there are more influence factors and interest groups, named stakeholder. Firstly, you need reliable employees and suppliers, secondly there must be a request of the product or service you offer – in so many words: customers. Law and ecology, including the rapide decline of natural ressources, limit your opportunities and stop your free hands.